Choosing cool bottle openers is not easy. There are thousands of bottle openers on the market and they’re not created equal. We based our selection on design, form, function, durability, and price. We also threw our own little gem into the mix to see how it stacked up.

Cool Bottle Openers Under $15

#1 The Beer Ranger Badge

Cool Bottle Openers - Beer Ranger Badge

First on our list of cool bottle openers is our very own Beer Ranger Badge. You may think it’s a biased assessment but we did our homework and popped a lot of caps. The end result is an affordable and versatile bottle opener that will serve you well in just about any situation. You can clip it to to your belt or pants at parties or stick it to your fridge or beer bucket so it’s always at hand. It’s also a funny conversation starter and never fails to evoke friendly smiles. With a solid blend of form and function at a decent price it tops the list of cool bottle openers.

Bike Chain Bottle Opener

Cool Bottle Openers - Bike Chain

This Bicycle Chain Bottle Opener is sure to appease your inner athlete. It is handmade in Oregon from recycled bike chains and comes in 6 colors. It is not as handy as our top pick but the cool factor is strong with this one. The price is right as well. It’s a worthy specimen among the selection of cool bottle openers.

Credit Card Opener

Cool-Bottle-Openers - Credit Card

Now you can swipe and drink, this Credit Card Bottle Opener comes with a caution, it may make spending money too easy. One thing is for sure, this one belongs on a beer store gift card and someone ought to let them know.

Cool Bottle Openers Over $15

Close Shave Bottle Opener

Cool Bottle Openers - Straight Razor

The design of this Close Shave Bottle Opener was inspired by the straight razor. The classic aesthetic will appease the most discerning of beer drinkers. The wooden panels are a very nice touch. It lacks the functionality of some of the other bottle openers on this list. It can be awkward to use as you work your way towards the end of the beer case. It’s also priced on the higher end of the spectrum. Despite some of its shortcomings, the cool design and excellent craftsmanship are worthy of recognition.

Dog Collar Bottle Opener

Cool Bottle Openers - Dog Collar

Man’s best friend takes it up a notch with the Dog Collar Bottle Opener. It’s exercise for him and drinking for you. Now only if he could fetch and open the drink for you; that one’s going to be a work in progress.

Iphone Case Bottle Opener

Cool Bottle Openers - iPhone

iPhone Case Bottle Opener
Phone + 1 drink = phone
Phone + 4 Drinks = calling the ex girlfriend
Phone + 8 drinks = phone with a cracked screen
Phone + 12 drinks = nothing
The good thing about this situation is that your opener is on your phone.

TV Remote Opener

Cool Bottle Openers - TV Remote

Let’s be reasonable, this one is for complete relaxation; grab some buds, throw on the game and sink into your seat. There is nowhere else to be.

USB Flash Drive Opener

Cool Bottle Openers - USB

Everyone knows that work isn’t always fun; why not combine the two. The USB Flash Drive Bottle Opener is possibly one of the most useful on our list of cool bottle openers. This opener allows you to save files while celebrating your accomplishments one drive at a time. It simply turns a one use tool into a two piece machine. This one may be a student’s best friend, while keeping yourself busy it is always important to remember how to relax.

Cool Bottle Openers Over $50

Sandal Bottle Opener

Cool Bottle Openers - Sandal

Reef Men’s Fanning Sandal is perfect for relaxing on the beach or hanging out around the campfire. No matter where you are this one will always be with you. It creates convenience out of an inconvenient situation; flip flop your way to cracking a cold one.

Well, we hope you enjoyed taking a look at some cool bottle openers. These beer openers can make your drinking more creative, more fun, and probably more frequent. Life is too short to drink anything from twist-offs so stock up on some of these gems, sit back, and enjoy a cold one!