The Elevated Brew Garden

Looking for a party cooler that complements your outdoor space? Don’t settle for old-fashioned coolers that are better hidden in a corner. Choose a cooler that suits your style and provides a funky, modern centrepiece to your gatherings. The Elevated Brew Garden is not just a party cooler, it is a style choice.

It is all well and good growing plants, but wouldn’t you rather have a party? Our Brew Garden takes the best features of our popular, raised container gardens, and adapts them into a party cooler that is a festive talking point as well as a beverage chiller.

An enduring, modern design that will keep your drinks cool for longer

Created by an accomplished industrial designer, our Elevated Brew Garden reflects the latest trends in design and materials. It has been designed with your lifestyle in mind. The innovative, modern style of our coolers will make them a highlight in any indoor or outdoor space. Made of double-walled polyethylene for a longer-lasting chill, they are built for functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Avoid slips and spills

With our Elevated Brew Garden, you will not have to worry about moisture damaging your floor. And there will be no more slips or spills in the water around the cooler. Our Brew Gardens are elevated to prevent moisture from accumulating underneath.

Enjoy smarter drainage options

Never struggle again with awkward, heavy coolers the day after the party. You don’t even have to remove the left-over beer to drain our coolers, just open the port and the excess liquid will run out. Fitted with a threaded drainage port, our cooler allows easy drainage straight into a bucket or container. The port can even be fitted with a hose to direct the excess moisture into your flower garden.

Product features

  • Made of non-porous polyethylene for a durable and UV-resistant product.
  • The long-lasting finish is dent- and scratch-resistant, requiring no maintenance and looking great for years.
  • Adjustable feet accommodate even the most uneven surfaces to ensure your cooler will stand firmly on any surface.
  • Optional castors for easy movement around the patio.
  • Double-walled design to keep things cool for longer.
  • Threaded drainage port for easy maintenance. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and compatible with most standard garden hoses.

Manufactured in the USA with both foreign and domestic parts. Our Elevated Brew Garden is a product built to last. It is designed for durability, and made with your happy use in mind. It will be the centrepiece of your holidays and celebrations for years to come. We stand behind this promise with a 10 year, limited warranty.