• Use as bottle opener, money clip, necklace, or key chain.
  • Available in two durable vintage finishes; steel and brass.
  • Conveniently clips to stuff.
  • Inspires friendly smiles.
  • Free velvet gift bag included.
  • Strong rare earth magnet included.
  • Protected by a lifetime warranty.
  • Ships worldwide!

  • Brewing beer is all about the craft as should be the case with the implements with which we get into all that liquid happiness. Just about any rigid object can be used to open a beer bottle but using a beautifully crafted one enhances the ritual. The Official Beer Patrol magnetic beer bottle opener badge was created and crafted with that very goal in mind.

    More Than Just a Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener

    There is more to the Official Beer Patrol badge than meets the eye. While it is beautifully crafted and finished, it also boasts a number of very useful features other bottle openers fail to include. Each Beer Patrol badge includes an integral metal clip, a fridge magnet, and a loop which make it incredibly handy and versatile.

    magnetic beer bottle opener with clip

    The metal clip makes it easy and convenient to clip the Beer Patrol badge to pants or belts which is great if you’re tail-gaiting or enjoying a beer or two in the field. In addition, the clip can also be used as a money clip to keep your cash together.

    magnetic beer bottle opener with chain

    A strong rare earth magnet secured to the clip makes it easy to stick the Beer Patrol badge to the fridge or beer bucket so it is conveniently within reach next time beer o’clock rolls around. The magnet is glued to the clip but can be taken off with a little bit of effort if you so choose.

    magnetic beer bottle opener on fridge

    The loop is intended to tie the beer badge to bar counters, fridges, beer buckets, or whatever you’d like to make sure it stays put. This feature is especially handy at parties. You can also use the loop to hang this bad boy off a chain if that’s how you choose to roll for whatever reason. We won’t judge.

    Money Back Guarantee

    The Beer Patrol badge is one badass magnetic beer bottle opener badge! It boasts many handy functions and is exceptionally well crafted as a proper beer opener should. Hundreds of Kickstarter backers who have supported its creation and thousands of users who have purchased it since can’t be wrong. If this fine piece of hardware does not live up to your expectations, you have 30 days to send it back for a full refund . Go ahead and add the Beer Patrol badge to your collection, you will not be disappointed.