• Replaced by OFFICIAL BEER PATROL magnetic beer bottle opener badge.

  • Beer Ranger Badge will keep it together like a Boss.

    The Beer Ranger Badge can be used in a variety of useful ways including a money clip, key chain accessory, bottle opener. You can use this handy tool to keep your cash, plastic, and keys together and still manage to pop the cap off a brewskie at the same time. In addition, each bottle opener comes with a fridge magnet so your beer badge is always conveniently within reach.

    Inspire smiles with the Beer Ranger Badge.

    You can also wear the badge around your neck or, clip it conveniently to your pants or belt. These are what we refer to as the “Friend Maker Features” because, as you’ll soon find out, wearing the Beer Ranger Badge at parties draws a lot of attention and friendly smiles. Be advised, your new friends might not be able to keep their hands off your pants.