Best Hangover Food Remedies

Best Hangover Food

It’s sometime in the morning or at least in the ballpark of noon and you and your friends have come to the crucial final step of a great night out, picking the best hangover food to make the pain stop. There are many ways to decide what the best hangover food is, usually a lot of it will come down to old habits, however if you went out without first reading this excellent guide on how to avoid a hangover then you may have some additional factors come into play to choose the chow that will best help you put last night behind you and take on your day. While sometimes just chowing down on a big greasy breakfast at your favourite early morning joint is enough, there is actually some science involved that can REALLY help you with that hangover. Here are a few of the best hangover food options for beginning your next day recovery.

Avoid the Grease

Although grease is your friend when you are out drinking, it has very little to offer you the next day, besides being generally unhealthy for you. On the best of occasions the grease will in fact irritate your stomach more than it already is. While you may be able to get down the grease unscathed the more likely scenario is you staring at your half plate full of bacon and sausage dripping sweat while you try and figure out what made you decide to order that, or worse praying to the porcelain gods.

Fruits are your Friend

Yes unfortunately just like in regular life fruit and of course vegetables are going to be the best hangover food to turn too. I mentioned fruit predominantly as it has the morning mastication market on lockdown, sure you can eat vegetables with breakfast, but a bowl full of berries or a few orange slices just fit so much better. The reason fruits and vegetables help so much is that they not only have a lot of the vitamins that you will inevitably loose to dehydration but they are usually also rich with antioxidants. Also the benefits of fruits and vegetables are easily attained in juice form.

Eggs should Come First

While I’m afraid I do not have the answer to the age old question of which came first the chicken or the egg, I can tell you that eggs are always a welcome addition to your post hangover meal. They are not only full of nutrients, and low in fat, but they are fairly adaptable to many different forms of breakfast, be it a platter of eggs bacon and potatoes, on a sandwich, in a smoothie or maybe even something a little more exotic. Eggs are always my go to best hangover food option. Keeping all that in mind here are just a couple of potential options you could start with when looking for that morning after meal.

Breakfast Sandwich

The sandwich is a a great way to construct your breakfast, it is the blank canvas upon which you can paint your dream meal making it as healthy or unhealthy as your heart desires, (or can tolerate). For the healthy minded some sort of whole wheat bread and or bagel topped with an egg white and spinach omelette and maybe a slice or two of tomato will definitely give you a boost to start the day. If that’s a little bland for you try adding some Sriacha sauce or perhaps cheese or bacon for a little more excitement.

Best Hangover Food - Sandwich


This is the perfect vessel to load up on one of the best hangover food options; fruit. Banana’s should be key when making a smoothie, they contain potassium which the body dearly wants and needs but which you lost a lot of with your alcohol consumption the night before, not only that they blend well and help add smoothness, other options too include would be, berries, an egg, crushed ice for those really fancy folks, and of course yogurt. While I can’t promise that your fruit and yogurt smoothie will make you as happy as the women in the yogurt commercials it’s an easy way to get what the body needs, especially on the go. Also for those who need a bit of a pick me up consider adding a shot of 5 Hour Energy or a similar product to your shake.

The Liquid Diet

Sometimes circumstance, or your stomach wont permit you to partake of either of the first two options but you still need to get your body started on recovering. This is where an assortment of beverages can help fill the void your body needs. Sports beverages such as Gatorade or Powerade are the perfect drink for after a hangover they have all sorts of sodium and electrolytes that your body needs to replenish itself, drinking these along with lots of water, some pure orange juice, (or whatever your fruit juice of choice happens to be) and maybe an energy drink should get you up and running. When it comes to energy drinks try and avoid lots of caffeine as it will further dehydrate you. The quick shots are sometimes the best option for the morning after drinking.

The Egg Brew

This final option is not for the faint of heart, it’s may help with the symptoms of your hangover but it is still not to be taken lightly. The final hangover “breakfast” involves cracking an egg into a fresh pint of beer and then drinking it. Legend has it this helps rid you of your hangover although I can see their being some negative backlash several hours down the line, this best hangover food option is more for the “Rob Ford” type person and is not recommended for everybody.

Best Hangover Food Ideas

Hopefully these best hangover food suggestions will help you to make some solid choices the next time you tie one on and are looking to reboot the next day.

How To Avoid a Hangover

How To Avoid A Hangover

The answer to the age old question of how to avoid a hangover is as much an art as it is a science. While a lucky 25 to 30 per cent of people are naturally hangover-resistant, the rest of us suffer. Luckily, there are a few effective science backed ways the rest of us can learn to survive the dreaded morning surprise and live to drink another day. Here’s how it breaks down.

A hangover is caused by your body metabolizing alcohol and its impurities. Alcohol is essentially a poison and is metabolized by your body as a toxic sugar. Nausea that may accompany drinking is your body’s way of saying WTF are you doing to me. Alcohol also contributes to dehydration which can result in pounding headaches. When you’re dehydrated, the tissues surrounding your brain shrink since they are composed mostly of water. This in turn exerts actual physical pressure on the brain. This is a hangover in a nutshell.

How to avoid a hangover with chow

Everybody loves to chow down when they’re drunk for a good reason. Eating before or after drinking helps to lessen the effect of alcohol by ensuring the party in your stomach is attended by more than just booze. The extra guests help to keep the alcohol from getting out of hand.

 How To Avoid Hangover With Food

Food plays the biggest role in answering the question of how to avoid a hangover. In fact, eating food before drinking has been shown to be most effective antidote. Also keep in mind that not all food is created equal in the hangover prevention game. Fatty foods are high in protein which binds with alcohol molecules and slows its absorption into the bloodstream. This gives the liver more time to process the good stuff and makes all the difference. It’s a good idea to combine some eggs and bacon with your bender. Breakfast joints fill up fast after last call for good reason. Eggs are also packed full of taurine (the good stuff in energy drinks) which has been proven to reverse liver damage caused by booze. Check out this article for more hangover food ideas.

How to Avoid a Hangover with Water

Like coffee and cranberry juice, alcohol is a diuretic which depletes your body of water. Your body is made of around 60% water and that level has to be maintained for your body to work well. The best advice Jon Taffer ever gave on Bar Rescue (that didn’t involve running a bar) was to drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you throw back. This helps to dilute the effect of the alcohol and in turn helps to prevent a hangover. Give your liver more time to process the alcohol and it will thank you in the morning. Also consider replenishing your body’s stores of vitamins and electrolytes which have likely been washed out by alcohol. Folate and potassium are especially important. Both can be found in bananas and spinach.

How to avoid a hangover with the right potions

If you’re especially susceptible to hangovers, stick to potions light in colour. Darker liquors (and pretty much all liquers) contain congeners and other things your body sees as impurities. Congeners are substances that are produced during the fermentation process. When your body metabolizes them they contribute significantly to your hangover.

Drinking a glass of milk helps to slow the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream. This also means you won’t be the first to get drunk and awaken with a mural painted on your face. Drinking ginger tea will also help to keep your stomach calm. Ginger is known to prevent nausea.

How to avoid a hangover with jedi mind tricks

A number of studies in the recent past have shown that a person’s preconceived expectations of alcohol consumption determine the affect more so than the amount of alcohol that is actually consumed. In other words, if you expect to get drunk it will take less alcohol to get you drunk. Shady bar owners have known this for years. That’s why so many get away with watering down your favorite potions. Drinking less alcohol puts less physiological strain on your body so less suffering will likely accompany the sunrise. The preconceived expectations of the accompanying hangover must be adjusted accordingly and therein lays the trick. The mastery of this method of hangover prevention should not be attempted by the novice.

How to avoid a hangover with abstinence

I couldn’t write an article about how to avoid a hangover without saying that the absolute most effective and universally recognized way to avoid a hangover is not to drink in the first place. Not drinking alcohol will keep you hangover free 100 per cent of the time, every time. Check out the video below to summarize what I’ve covered and don’t forget to join us on Facebook and Twitter.

Photo Credits: Maggie Cooper

Legalizing Weed: oh cannabis we stand on guard for thee

Article Legalizing Weed March

The subject of marijuana referendum is more controversial than ever due in large part to the recent legalization in Colorado. As a first-year college student and dedicated reporter, it was my civic and professional duty to attend and document this year’s annual marijuana march. Held in the heart of downtown Toronto, the marijuana march is essentially a giant smorgasbord of every pothead, activist and Torontonian who happened to walk through Queen’s Park that day and get a contact high.  The march is one step closer to the goal that every attendee hopes Canada will put into play- the legalization of marijuana.

Nowhere To Go

The slow-paced march and rally for marijuana referendum has had it’s share of obstacles in the past couple years. The lack of funding and constant struggle to retain permits for the yearly event has resulted in severe cutbacks, most notably being the lack of washrooms. If the situation was reversed and it was 20,000 alcoholics gathered in a park for two hours with no washrooms, that park would become the world’s largest toilet. Although public urination has never been an issue at the marijuana-based event, complaints have been made in the past that because of the gathering, the park had been soiled with garbage and the grass was ruined; but I imagine the same or greater amount of damage would occur from simply having a concert take place, or a protest of any other nature. The opportunity for funding and simple accommodations like accessible washrooms will only increase once legalization occurs.

rticle Legalizing Weed Ganja Girls

High Vibes

The morale and general ‘good vibes’ of the day were in high-effect, and every attendee hoping for the legalization of weed had high spirits.  One of the most beautiful and rewarding aspects of this year’s gathering was the amount of children and families that were present.  The demographic of pot smokers is changing, and seeing families at the march really showed that.  It’s normal to see a predominantly older crowd or businessmen at the march, but it was incredibly humbling to see entire families who had come out to show support. Not only are 20 something year olds pushing the process of legalizing weed, but now families, moms, dads and even grandparents too.  There was also a substantial amount of vendors at the park this year, both inside and out. Last year’s event barely had any food trucks outside of the park except for one hot dog vendor who made record-breaking sales; whereas this year had at least several vendors who were parked along the outside streets. The vendors that could be found within the park were not of the deep-fried variety, just the fried. Vaporizers, edibles, lollipops, scarves and anything else psychedelic was on full-display. One vendor was dressed in a Willy Wonka type suit with a top-hat selling vaporizers out of a wheelchair, and one group of women known as the Ganja Girls were selling medicinal cookies and eventually danced on the float which led the parade.

rticle Legalizing Weed Potwonka

The biggest ‘buzzkill ‘of the day wasn’t the fact that 20,000 people literally did not have a pot to piss in, but the arrival and wrath of the coldest and most unforgiving woman in the world; Mother Nature. The march began at around two o’clock, and almost immediately as the thousands of people began pouring out into the streets of Toronto, it appeared the clouds decided they wanted to pour too. Even as the rain progressed and got colder, the crowd continued to march with the parade and the spirit of the event was still ‘high’. Thousands of people were frustrated, cold and bumping into strangers; and every one still had a smile on their face. In fact, it made the crowd more empowered and united. Yes, it was raining. Yes, it was cold. But no one was exiting, no one was turning around and no one was fighting. It could rain, it could thunder, but it would not stop us.

Legalizing Weed Debate

We shouldn’t have to be here. None of us should have to be here,” said one of the advocates leading the march. He continued to shout out positive messages from the float, saying pot day should be every day for those who need it to live comfortably, to enjoy or to simply function. Not only would legalizing weed help people who recreationally smoke it, but especially those who need it for medical reasons.  With every word he spoke, the crowd grew louder and more determined. There was a notable and wonderful sense of unity and spirituality right up until the end of the protest which is what makes the marijuana march such a rewarding experience. Whether you smoke pot, know someone who uses it medicinally or just believe in the economic benefit of marijuana legalization; the marijuana march accepts advocates who wish to come out and march for the legalization of weed and support the movement of the drug against war.

Female Body Painting Photos of SI 2014

Lauren Mellor Body Paint Swimsuit

Female body painting photos are all the rage and the latest issue of Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition will make you wish you took a few extra art classes. Okay, maybe a few extra classes wouldn’t quite do the trick but one can’t help but hope. Once again several swimsuit models are wearing nothing but body paint and a smile. Some have even chosen to forgo the latter for a far more sultry appearance. This issue could not have come at a better time given that most of us are buried under 5 feet of snow without a chance of parole for another 6 to 8 weeks. Scroll down below and let these female body painting photos warm you up. Don’t miss the video at the end of this post to see how it all comes together.

Emily Ratajkowski, Sports Illustrated 2014 - female body painting photos
Emily Ratajkowski, Sports Illustrated 2014 - female body painting photos
Emily Ratajkowski, Sports Illustrated 2014 - female body painting photos
Emily Ratajkowski, Sports Illustrated 2014 - female body painting photos
Emily Ratajkowski, Sports Illustrated 2014 - female body painting photos
Emily Ratajkowski, Sports Illustrated 2014 - female body painting photos
Emily Ratajkowski, Sports Illustrated 2014 - female body painting photos
Hannah Ferguson, Sports Illustrated 2014 - female body painting photos
Hannah Ferguson, Sports Illustrated 2014
Hannah Ferguson, Sports Illustrated 2014
Cris Urena, Sports Illustrated 2014
Cris Urena, Sports Illustrated 2014
Cris Urena, Sports Illustrated 2014
Cris Urena, Sports Illustrated 2014
Cris Urena, Sports Illustrated 2014
Samantha Hoopes, Sports Illustrated 2014
Samantha Hoopes, Sports Illustrated 2014
Samantha Hoopes, Sports Illustrated 2014
Samantha Hoopes, Sports Illustrated 2014
Lauren Mellor, Sports Illustrated 2014
Lauren Mellor, Sports Illustrated 2014
Lauren Mellor, Sports Illustrated 2014
Lauren Mellor, Sports Illustrated 2014
Lauren Mellor, Sports Illustrated 2014
Lauren Mellor, Sports Illustrated 2014
Lauren Mellor, Sports Illustrated 2014
Lauren Mellor, Sports Illustrated 2014
Lauren Mellor, Sports Illustrated 2014

The Making of Female Body Painting Photos

Slipping into a swimsuit is easy. Having one painted on requires a team of dedicated professionals. Check out the following video to see how it all comes together.

If these models didn’t make you wish you could go back in time to become a body painter then perhaps nothing will. You can check out the rest of the dedicated female body painting photos in the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated. If you enjoyed this post, join us on Twitter and Facebook.

Two Person Drinking Games

Get Intimate With Two Person Drinking Games

A proven cure to a lame party is a solid dose of social engagement. A creative assortment of two person drinking games up your sleeve can loosen the stiffest of stiffs and get your party going on the right track. It’s easier than you think and if you happen to get the job done, you’ll be remembered for it. If social engagement is the vehicle to an amazing party then two person drinking games are the key to get things started.

Two Person Drinking Games - Kings Cup Rules



Kings Cup Rules

Kings Cup is a simple and easy to follow drinking game for two or more players. Cards are arranged face down around the Kings Cup. Players, with their own drink in hand, sit around the cards. Each player takes a turn drawing a card and must complete an action assigned to that card. The game ends when the last King is drawn. The player who drew the last King must drink the contents of the King’s Cup. It doesn’t get simpler than that! You can assign your own actions to each card or use the most popular version of Kings Cup Rules.

Beerpong - Two Person Drinking Games




Beerpong is amongst the most popular of two person drinking games but in can be played in teams as well. In fact, it’s practically considered to be a drinking sport by many barsity athletes. This game is easy to get going and does not require special equipment. A ping pong and a handful of cups is all you need. A long, rectangular table, similar to a Ping-Pong table, is always nice but any table will usually do. Let’s not forget the beer, the most important of all components. The basic premise is simple. Place the half filled cups on opposite ends of the table and arrange them in a pyramid shape. The object of the game is to either lob or bounce Ping-Pong balls into your opponent’s cups. If you succeed and one or both of your balls end up in the opposing cups, your opponent has to drink. The first one to get the other opponent to drink all the beer wins the game. If this is your game, the following article will let you master serious beerpong skills.

Beerbong - two person drinking games




Beerpong and beerbong are often confused as the same game. They’re both considered two person drinking games but share little in common. Beerbong uses a special funnel-hose contraption to get the party started. Fill the funnel up with beer and drink through the hose below. The one who drinks the most the fastest and manages to hold it all down is declared the winner. Pace yourself with this one for obvious reasons. This is not the most creative of two person drinking games but it can be a quick way to a start the festivities. Here are some advanced beerbong tips for the brave at heart.

Ride The Bus Drinking Game



Ride The Bus Drinking Game

Ride the Bus Drinking Game is a party favorite. It can be played with two or more people.

Drink Responsibly

Two person drinking games are not for everyone. Know your limits and stay within them. If you’re hosting a party, that responsibility also extends to your guests as well.

From Lame to Fame

It’s not difficult to turn a lame party into an amazing one with two person drinking games. If you happen to be the athlete to get the job done, you’ll be elevated to greatness. Remember to pick up one of our cool bottle openers especially if you’re the host. You’ll stand out from the crowd and lay down the law with jedi like authority. Obey your every word your guests will.

Beer Bong Rules

Beerbong for two person drinking games

Beerbong: How to master this drinking game

Beerbong, it’s an activity that is a rite of passage for almost every college kid on the planet. If you do it the right way, you’ll be looked at as a God in the eyes of your peers. However, if you mess up, then you’ll end up being the one they laugh at for years to come. So, if you want to master this drinking game, here is a guide on what you need to do.

Master the Basics

The rules of beerbong, like with most drinking sports, are pretty simple. To play, you need drinking stuff like a large funnel with a plastic hose attached to it along with willing participants. Once you have those few items, then it’s time to play. What you do is fill the funnel with your favorite beer, holding the end of the hose at the same level of the funnel with your thumb placed over it so it doesn’t spill. Each person playing needs to take a turn and drink down all the beer without taking a break. If a person can’t do it or walks away, they lose. The person who wins is the person who not only drinks the most the fastest, but is able to keep all of it down.

Elevate Your Game

You might think that beerbong doesn’t require all that much skill, well, that’s actually where you’re wrong because there are different things that you can do to make your beer drinking technique better. For example, this is a game that is all about speed so don’t take little sips of the beer and instead, gulp it down as fast as possible. Sure, you might get a little messy, but it will be worth it when you get the win. Also, before you even begin drinking, take a deep breath to get in as much air as possible before so you don’t have to stop as often to breath while you’re drinking. Yes, breathing is essential to live, yet if you can get down on it during the game, the better off you’ll be. A final thing to do to improve your technique is to practice since practice makes perfect. You don’t have to practice with just beer either, you can use water or other flavored drinks to get you to the top.

Sport the Right Stuff

Now, if you’re going to take part in games for drinking like beerbong, you need to be prepared for it. That means, you need to have the right elite gear. It really does make a difference. For that reason, don’t make the mistake of trying to make your own beerbong from scratch due to the fact that you’ll probably end up with something that probably won’t work right. In place of ending up with a faulting drinking apparatus, turn to the professionals who make them for a living. By purchasing one that is already put together, you’ll get a beerbong that will always work right so you and your buddies can have a good time. The things to look for when getting one include getting one that has quality craftsmanship, the size of it since you want to get one that isn’t too big or too small, and buying one that is made out of sturdy materials that won’t break.

Drink Responsibly

Whenever you drink, one thing that you need to keep in mind is to drink responsibly. Why? You don’t want anyone to get hurt and that goes for any kind of drinking whether it’s using beer stuff when taking part in games for drinking or just going out to the bars with friends. You don’t want to get too over-the-top so make sure you set your limits and stick to them.

Gear Up

If you’re ready to play some serious beerbong, then make sure to get a new one for your parties with friends. Or, maybe you’re looking to play beerpong, which is an equally exciting drinking game using Ping-Pong balls and to find out more about both, check out the different products on this website. They all offer you a great way for you and your friends to have a good time.

How To Play Beer Pong

Beerpong - Two Person Drinking Games

How to Handle Balls Lika a Boss

Drinking games are a great way to loosen up and engage your fellow barsity athletes. Beerpong is perhaps one of the most popular drinking games around so learning a few critical pong skills delivers a bouquet of sweet social benefits.

Ball Handling for Beginners

Mastering beerpong starts with an understanding of the basics, as well as, a few finer points of sportsmanship. Before you tackle the nuts and bolts of the game like a true champ let’s review a few finer points of expected courtesy. Always remember to start the contest with a clean set of balls. If you can’t remember where your balls have been the night before give them a courtesy scrub before to pull them out on game day. You don’t want to be regarded as the one with dirty balls because that’s a label no amount of bleach can shake.

Now that the public service announcement is out of the way let’s get back to the nuts and bolts before they get cold. Like any worthwhile sportsmanlike contest, beerpong is played between two opposing teams. Typically each of the two teams consists of at least two players. Gone are the days when you sat around and played with your balls all by your lonesome. As you will soon discover, a little company makes all the difference.

The teams stand on opposite ends of a rectangular table and each team is given 5 partially filled cups of beer. The cups are arranged in a triangular shape as shown in the image above. Each team takes a turn skillfully tossing or bouncing their balls, one player at a time, into the opposing team’s cups. If you get your ball into one of the cups, the opposing team has to drink the contents of that cup and take it off the table. The winning team simply gets all the other team’s cups off the table. Sounds simple enough but if you have ever handled a ball or two in your time, you know it is much harder than it looks.

Beerpong Mastery

A Jedi like mastery of the game can’t be gained without some time on the court. Developing critical muscle memory is perhaps the first skill you should aim to acquire. Diligent practice is the only way to get there but your liver has limits so it’s usually best to keep your practices dry for the first little while. Wet balls are far more fun to play with but that’s not always the best way to develop the essential ball handling skills. You don’t always have to practice with others either. You’re a busy goal driven individual so coordinating practices with other like minded athletes might prove frustrating. Instead, always carry your balls with you and spare no opportunity to toss them about with Jedi-like precision. It won’t take long before you find yourself tossing your balls with masterful elegance to the envy of athletes and spectators alike.

Lastly, much like any worthy athletic contest, true mastery of this sport does not cease in the physical realm. Unfortunately, a true grasp of the psychological side of ball handling mastery falls far beyond the scope of this introductory article so like us on Facebook and we’ll keep you posted on any follow up articles.

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