Insanely Fun Drinking Games with Shots to Get The Party Started

drinking games with shots

Drinking games with shots are hands down the best way to take your party up a notch. Here’s our ultimate list of top drinking games with shots that will get this moving in the right direction. Most of these drinking games are geared to hard liquor shots but, beer or wine can easily fill the spot if that’s your go to drink of choice.
First in the mix of drinking games with shots is Name Game. The starting player gives the name of someone famous. The next player must use the first letter of the last name and give the name of another famous person. So, if the first player says Clint Eastwood, the next player would say Ethan Hawke and the next, Hilary Swank. Easy breezy!

Drinking Games with Shots

Catch Phrase Drinking Game

For a relaxed crowd, next on our list of easy drinking games with shots is Catch Phrase. Pick a word or phrase sure to come up during the party and when someone uses that phrase, they drink a shot. Like many of the drinking games with shots, you can extend the rules to where everyone takes a drink when the phrase is spoken or the last person to recognize the catch phrase takes the shot.

Most Likely Drinking Game

Another laid-back option in our collection of drinking games with shots is Most Likely. The starting player asks a “most likely” question – who is most likely to steal someone’s lunch from the fridge at work or who is most likely to jump off a cliff with you – and everyone points to the person they think is most likely to commit the act. Everyone drinks a shot for each person pointing at them.

Never Have I Ever Drinking Game

Never Have I Ever is one of the drinking games with shots that relies on a vivid imagination and a willingness to share a few secrets with your friends. The first player starts with a truthful “Never have I ever…” and anyone who has done the action drinks a shot. After a designated number of shots, a player is out and the drinking game continues until a single player remains.

Storytime Drinking Game

Storytime is a favorite among drinking games with shots and one that also needs dice. Everyone writes down various nouns on pieces of paper. The player who’s up picks a random piece of paper then rolls the die out of sight of the crowd. If the number on the die is even, the player tells a true story about what was on the piece of paper. If it’s an odd number, the player makes up a story. Then the crowd guesses whether the story is true or false. If they guess right, the player takes a shot. If they guess wrong, the crowd takes a shot.

Glass Poker and Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Games

If you’re low on cash but flush with alcohol and looking for drinking games with shots, try Shot Glass Poker or Shot Glass Roulette. Both are drinking games with shots that are best with a well-stocked liquor cabinet. For Shot Glass Poker, play poker as usual and bet with shots. The losing hand drinks the “pot.” Shot Glass Roulette is one of the drinking games you can buy that involves a roulette table, or you can simply set up a line of shots numbered one to twelve. Players pick a shot glass, roll the dice and someone drinks. For added fun with this drinking game, put multiple numbers on each shot glass!

Straight Face Drinking Game

Once the evening is moving along, Straight Face is one of the drinking games with shots that can challenge the crowd. Everyone writes down a ridiculous or inappropriate statement on a slip of paper. Then one by one, each person picks a slip of paper and reads – or tries to read – the statement with a straight face. No giggling. Not a hint of a smile or grin. Not even a cough to stall. If the player can’t keep a straight face, they must drink a shot.

Thumper Drinking Game

Thumper is another of our drinking games with shots for those who favor the dramatic, but it’s a good memory game as well. Of course, as the night goes on, everyone’s memory will be tested and that’s when the fun really begins. To start, each player picks a gesture to represent themselves. Think Superman pose or world’s smallest violin. There are two ways to play this drinking game. The first player gives their personal gesture, then signals another player by using their gesture. The next person does the same – gives their gesture, then signals the next person. So on, and so on. If anyone hesitates or uses the wrong signal, they must drink. In the alternative, instead of using a person’s name throughout the night, everyone must use the other person’s personal gesture. Anyone who forgets, drinks a shot.

Drunken Artists Drinking Game

If you’re looking for something a little different and want a twist on the usual, play Drunken Artists is the game for you. One person keeps time while a second person plays the artist. The timekeeper whispers a word to the artist who must draw it for the crowd. Once the crowd guesses correctly, the artist must take one shot for every 20 seconds that has passed. If the drawing is so bad no one can figure it out, the artist takes a shot anyway. Just because.

Attached Drinking Game

Most drinking games with shots can help bring friends together over a few laughs. Attached is one of the drinking games with shots, however, that can really make your party guests connected on a new level. Write down various body parts on pieces of paper, then pair everyone up. Each pair picks a slip of paper and then must spend the allotted time attached at the specific body part. Whenever they separate, the pair takes a shot.

Medusa Drinking Game

Last on our list of drinking games with shots, Medusa, can work with either a small or large crowd. Put a bunch of shots on a table and have everyone take a seat. Play begins and everyone puts their head down on the table, then on the count of three, everyone looks up directly at one other person. If you find yourself looking at someone NOT looking back at you, you’re safe. But if you’re looking into another player’s eyes, you shout “Medusa!” and both of you take a shot.

Drinking Games with Shots

I hope the above suggestions help to get things going in the right direction. For more drinking game ideas check out our selection of two person drinking games. If you have any insanely fun drinking games of your own please share them in the comments below. As always, know your limits and drink responsibly. Take care of yourself. Take care of your friends.

Kings Cup Rules – Most Popular Version

Kings Cup Rules - Official

Kings Cup rules drinking games, pun intended. It is simple to play, requires no special equipment, and offers a great way to get to know your fellow barsity athletes. It can be enjoyed with as few as a couple of players or, as many as you can handle so no one gets left out. It’s a great drinking game to get the party off to a roaring start. Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed.

Kings Cup rules are simple and are easy to follow. Cards are shuffled and arranged, face down, in a circle surrounding the Kings Cup. Players sit in a circle surrounding the cards with their own drink of choice. Each player takes a turn drawing a card and carries out the action assigned to that card. The game ends when the last King is drawn and the King’s Cup is demolished by the lucky, or unlucky depending on the contents of the cup, player who drew the last King . It doesn’t get simpler than that!

Card Assignment

Kings Cup rules are easy to memorize or customize to your party. The following summary of different actions assigned to each card are based on the most popular version of the game. You can also download a Free Kings Cup Rules Cheat Sheet (PDF) to aid you on game day.

Kings Cup Rules - Ace
Waterfall: Everybody drinks. No one can stop until you do.
Kings Cup Rules - 2
Give 2: Assign one drink to two people or two drinks to one person.
Kings Cup Rules - 3
Take 3: You take 3 drinks.
Kings Cup Rules - 4
Give & Take: Assign two drinks, and drink twice.
Kings Cup Rules - 5
Rule: Set a rule to be followed. Anyone caught breaking the rule drinks.
Kings Cup Rules - 6
Thumbs: Place your thumb on the table. Last person to place their thumb on the table drinks.
Kings Cup Rules - 7
Hands Up: Raise your hand. Last person to raise their hand drinks.
Kings Cup Rules - 8
Mate: Choose your drinking mate. They drink when you drink for the rest of the game.
Kings Cup Rules - 9
Rhyme Time: Choose a word. Next person has to say a word that rhymes. First one to mess up or pause drinks.
Kings Cup Rules - 10
Category: Choose a category. Next person has to name an item from that category. First one to mess up or pause drinks.
Kings Cup Rules - Jack
Guys Drink: All the guys must take a drink.
Kings Cup Rules - Queen
Girls Drink: All the girls must take a drink.
Kings Cup Rules - King
King’s Cup: Pour some of your drink into the King’s Cup. The person to draw the last King must drink from the King’s Cup and the game ends.

Kings Cup Rules and Variations

There are many variations of kings cup rules. Some are more difficult that others and you’re always free to come up with your own. Introducing a truth or dare component to the game is an easy way to boost the fun factor. Get as creative as you want or stick to the classic rule book. It is really up to you. Remembering all of the actions assigned to each card can be tricky, especially as you get tipsy, so the following cheat sheet may come in handy. Download Free Kings Cup Rules Cheat Sheet (PDF) in case you missed it. It may come in handy.

King's Cup Rules Infographic

Check out the following video for a quick summary of the Kings Cup Rules. You can also check out other drinking games and drinking games with shots for more ideas.

Drink Responsibly

Drinking games are not for everyone. Know your limits and stay within them. If you’re hosting a party, that responsibility also extends to your guests as well.

Ride The Bus Drinking Game

Ride The Bus Drinking Game

Ride the bus drinking game is one of my personal go-to games to get things started. One night I was chilling with a buddy and all we had to drink was kraken rum. For anyone that hasn’t had kraken rum the taste is pretty rough and has a high alcohol percentage. We each did a shot and we both agreed we needed to amp each other up to drink the full forty of the harsh liquor. My buddy recommended we play the ride the bus drinking game and instead of beer you normally use to play we would take shots of the kraken. I don’t recommend it. Beer is far better suited to ride the bus.

Ride The Bus Drinking Game Rules

All you need to play the classic ride the bus drinking game is a deck of cards and beer (or any alcohol of your choice). Deal the cards by asking a series of 4 questions or simply deal each player 4 cards. If the player gets the answer wrong, they drink. However you decide to do it, each player should have 4 cards at the end.

  • Red or black?
  • High or low?
  • In between or outside?
  • Pick a suit.

Using the deck of cards set up a pyramid in the center, face down; the bottom row has five, next four, all the way up to one. The objective of the game is to get rid of all of your cards else, you could end up riding the bus. Flip the pyramid over starting with the bottom row. At this point everyone can get rid of any matching cards and assign drinks accordingly. When a player has a card in his or her hand that matches the card flipped over in the pyramid he can assign drinks. The drinks can be given to one person or split up depending on how many people are playing.

  • First row – assign one drink per matching card.
  • Second row – assign two drinks per matching card.
  • Third row – assign three drinks per matching card.
  • Fourth row – assign four drinks per matching card.
  • Fifth row – assign five drinks per matching card.

Playing this game with hard liquor is not advisable because taking five shots in a row can knock you out pretty quickly. Your ride the bus drinking game will come to a screeching halt. Whoever has the most cards left at the end of the ride the bus drinking game must ride the bus as the name implies. If there is more than one player with the most cards, both players ride the bus or draw a card to break the tie.

To ride the bus, a player must shuffle and lay down eight to ten cards in a line. Cards are then revealed one at a time. This is where ride the bus drinking game gets interesting. If the card drawn is two to ten, the player does not have to drink and nothing really happens. If the player draws any of the face cards below, an appropriate number of drinks must be consumed accordingly.

  • Jack – one drink
  • Queen – two drinks
  • King – three drinks
  • Ace – four drinks

All these rules can get confusing. The cheatsheet below makes it easy to follow. You can download the Free Ride the Bus Drinking Game Cheatsheet as a PDF here as well.

Ride the bus drinking game infographic.

There are many different variations of Ride the Bus but the idea remains the same. Check out the following video for a quick video tutorial on the ride the bus drinking game. You can also check out other drinking games two or more people can enjoy for more ideas. Kings Cup is also a great drinking card game you can try.

Two Person Drinking Games

Get Intimate With Two Person Drinking Games

A proven cure to a lame party is a solid dose of social engagement. A creative assortment of two person drinking games up your sleeve can loosen the stiffest of stiffs and get your party going on the right track. It’s easier than you think and if you happen to get the job done, you’ll be remembered for it. If social engagement is the vehicle to an amazing party then two person drinking games are the key to get things started.

Two Person Drinking Games - Kings Cup Rules



Kings Cup Rules

Kings Cup is a simple and easy to follow drinking game for two or more players. Cards are arranged face down around the Kings Cup. Players, with their own drink in hand, sit around the cards. Each player takes a turn drawing a card and must complete an action assigned to that card. The game ends when the last King is drawn. The player who drew the last King must drink the contents of the King’s Cup. It doesn’t get simpler than that! You can assign your own actions to each card or use the most popular version of Kings Cup Rules.

Beerpong - Two Person Drinking Games




Beerpong is amongst the most popular of two person drinking games but in can be played in teams as well. In fact, it’s practically considered to be a drinking sport by many barsity athletes. This game is easy to get going and does not require special equipment. A ping pong and a handful of cups is all you need. A long, rectangular table, similar to a Ping-Pong table, is always nice but any table will usually do. Let’s not forget the beer, the most important of all components. The basic premise is simple. Place the half filled cups on opposite ends of the table and arrange them in a pyramid shape. The object of the game is to either lob or bounce Ping-Pong balls into your opponent’s cups. If you succeed and one or both of your balls end up in the opposing cups, your opponent has to drink. The first one to get the other opponent to drink all the beer wins the game. If this is your game, the following article will let you master serious beerpong skills.

Beerbong - two person drinking games




Beerpong and beerbong are often confused as the same game. They’re both considered two person drinking games but share little in common. Beerbong uses a special funnel-hose contraption to get the party started. Fill the funnel up with beer and drink through the hose below. The one who drinks the most the fastest and manages to hold it all down is declared the winner. Pace yourself with this one for obvious reasons. This is not the most creative of two person drinking games but it can be a quick way to a start the festivities. Here are some advanced beerbong tips for the brave at heart.

Ride The Bus Drinking Game



Ride The Bus Drinking Game

Ride the Bus Drinking Game is a party favorite. It can be played with two or more people.

Drink Responsibly

Two person drinking games are not for everyone. Know your limits and stay within them. If you’re hosting a party, that responsibility also extends to your guests as well.

From Lame to Fame

It’s not difficult to turn a lame party into an amazing one with two person drinking games. If you happen to be the athlete to get the job done, you’ll be elevated to greatness. Remember to pick up one of our cool bottle openers especially if you’re the host. You’ll stand out from the crowd and lay down the law with jedi like authority. Obey your every word your guests will.

Beer Bong Rules

Beerbong for two person drinking games

Beerbong: How to master this drinking game

Beerbong, it’s an activity that is a rite of passage for almost every college kid on the planet. If you do it the right way, you’ll be looked at as a God in the eyes of your peers. However, if you mess up, then you’ll end up being the one they laugh at for years to come. So, if you want to master this drinking game, here is a guide on what you need to do.

Master the Basics

The rules of beerbong, like with most drinking sports, are pretty simple. To play, you need drinking stuff like a large funnel with a plastic hose attached to it along with willing participants. Once you have those few items, then it’s time to play. What you do is fill the funnel with your favorite beer, holding the end of the hose at the same level of the funnel with your thumb placed over it so it doesn’t spill. Each person playing needs to take a turn and drink down all the beer without taking a break. If a person can’t do it or walks away, they lose. The person who wins is the person who not only drinks the most the fastest, but is able to keep all of it down.

Elevate Your Game

You might think that beerbong doesn’t require all that much skill, well, that’s actually where you’re wrong because there are different things that you can do to make your beer drinking technique better. For example, this is a game that is all about speed so don’t take little sips of the beer and instead, gulp it down as fast as possible. Sure, you might get a little messy, but it will be worth it when you get the win. Also, before you even begin drinking, take a deep breath to get in as much air as possible before so you don’t have to stop as often to breath while you’re drinking. Yes, breathing is essential to live, yet if you can get down on it during the game, the better off you’ll be. A final thing to do to improve your technique is to practice since practice makes perfect. You don’t have to practice with just beer either, you can use water or other flavored drinks to get you to the top.

Sport the Right Stuff

Now, if you’re going to take part in games for drinking like beerbong, you need to be prepared for it. That means, you need to have the right elite gear. It really does make a difference. For that reason, don’t make the mistake of trying to make your own beerbong from scratch due to the fact that you’ll probably end up with something that probably won’t work right. In place of ending up with a faulting drinking apparatus, turn to the professionals who make them for a living. By purchasing one that is already put together, you’ll get a beerbong that will always work right so you and your buddies can have a good time. The things to look for when getting one include getting one that has quality craftsmanship, the size of it since you want to get one that isn’t too big or too small, and buying one that is made out of sturdy materials that won’t break.

Drink Responsibly

Whenever you drink, one thing that you need to keep in mind is to drink responsibly. Why? You don’t want anyone to get hurt and that goes for any kind of drinking whether it’s using beer stuff when taking part in games for drinking or just going out to the bars with friends. You don’t want to get too over-the-top so make sure you set your limits and stick to them.

Gear Up

If you’re ready to play some serious beerbong, then make sure to get a new one for your parties with friends. Or, maybe you’re looking to play beerpong, which is an equally exciting drinking game using Ping-Pong balls and to find out more about both, check out the different products on this website. They all offer you a great way for you and your friends to have a good time.

How To Play Beer Pong

Beerpong - Two Person Drinking Games

How to Handle Balls Lika a Boss

Drinking games are a great way to loosen up and engage your fellow barsity athletes. Beerpong is perhaps one of the most popular drinking games around so learning a few critical pong skills delivers a bouquet of sweet social benefits.

Ball Handling for Beginners

Mastering beerpong starts with an understanding of the basics, as well as, a few finer points of sportsmanship. Before you tackle the nuts and bolts of the game like a true champ let’s review a few finer points of expected courtesy. Always remember to start the contest with a clean set of balls. If you can’t remember where your balls have been the night before give them a courtesy scrub before to pull them out on game day. You don’t want to be regarded as the one with dirty balls because that’s a label no amount of bleach can shake.

Now that the public service announcement is out of the way let’s get back to the nuts and bolts before they get cold. Like any worthwhile sportsmanlike contest, beerpong is played between two opposing teams. Typically each of the two teams consists of at least two players. Gone are the days when you sat around and played with your balls all by your lonesome. As you will soon discover, a little company makes all the difference.

The teams stand on opposite ends of a rectangular table and each team is given 5 partially filled cups of beer. The cups are arranged in a triangular shape as shown in the image above. Each team takes a turn skillfully tossing or bouncing their balls, one player at a time, into the opposing team’s cups. If you get your ball into one of the cups, the opposing team has to drink the contents of that cup and take it off the table. The winning team simply gets all the other team’s cups off the table. Sounds simple enough but if you have ever handled a ball or two in your time, you know it is much harder than it looks.

Beerpong Mastery

A Jedi like mastery of the game can’t be gained without some time on the court. Developing critical muscle memory is perhaps the first skill you should aim to acquire. Diligent practice is the only way to get there but your liver has limits so it’s usually best to keep your practices dry for the first little while. Wet balls are far more fun to play with but that’s not always the best way to develop the essential ball handling skills. You don’t always have to practice with others either. You’re a busy goal driven individual so coordinating practices with other like minded athletes might prove frustrating. Instead, always carry your balls with you and spare no opportunity to toss them about with Jedi-like precision. It won’t take long before you find yourself tossing your balls with masterful elegance to the envy of athletes and spectators alike.

Lastly, much like any worthy athletic contest, true mastery of this sport does not cease in the physical realm. Unfortunately, a true grasp of the psychological side of ball handling mastery falls far beyond the scope of this introductory article so like us on Facebook and we’ll keep you posted on any follow up articles.

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