Insanely Fun Drinking Games with Shots to Get The Party Started

Drinking games with shots are hands down the best way to take your party up a notch. Here’s our ultimate list of top drinking games with shots that will get this moving in the right direction. Most of these drinking games are geared to hard liquor shots but, beer or wine can easily fill the spot if that’s your go to drink of choice.
First in the mix of drinking games with shots is Name Game. The starting player gives the name of someone famous. The next player must use the first letter of the last name and give the name of another famous person. So, if the first player says Clint Eastwood, the next player would say Ethan Hawke and the next, Hilary Swank. Easy breezy!

Drinking Games with Shots

Catch Phrase Drinking Game

For a relaxed crowd, next on our list of easy drinking games with shots is Catch Phrase. Pick a word or phrase sure to come up during the party and when someone uses that phrase, they drink a shot. Like many of the drinking games with shots, you can extend the rules to where everyone takes a drink when the phrase is spoken or the last person to recognize the catch phrase takes the shot.

Most Likely Drinking Game

Another laid-back option in our collection of drinking games with shots is Most Likely. The starting player asks a “most likely” question – who is most likely to steal someone’s lunch from the fridge at work or who is most likely to jump off a cliff with you – and everyone points to the person they think is most likely to commit the act. Everyone drinks a shot for each person pointing at them.

Never Have I Ever Drinking Game

Never Have I Ever is one of the drinking games with shots that relies on a vivid imagination and a willingness to share a few secrets with your friends. The first player starts with a truthful “Never have I ever…” and anyone who has done the action drinks a shot. After a designated number of shots, a player is out and the drinking game continues until a single player remains.

Storytime Drinking Game

Storytime is a favorite among drinking games with shots and one that also needs dice. Everyone writes down various nouns on pieces of paper. The player who’s up picks a random piece of paper then rolls the die out of sight of the crowd. If the number on the die is even, the player tells a true story about what was on the piece of paper. If it’s an odd number, the player makes up a story. Then the crowd guesses whether the story is true or false. If they guess right, the player takes a shot. If they guess wrong, the crowd takes a shot.

Glass Poker and Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Games

If you’re low on cash but flush with alcohol and looking for drinking games with shots, try Shot Glass Poker or Shot Glass Roulette. Both are drinking games with shots that are best with a well-stocked liquor cabinet. For Shot Glass Poker, play poker as usual and bet with shots. The losing hand drinks the “pot.” Shot Glass Roulette is one of the drinking games you can buy that involves a roulette table, or you can simply set up a line of shots numbered one to twelve. Players pick a shot glass, roll the dice and someone drinks. For added fun with this drinking game, put multiple numbers on each shot glass!

Straight Face Drinking Game

Once the evening is moving along, Straight Face is one of the drinking games with shots that can challenge the crowd. Everyone writes down a ridiculous or inappropriate statement on a slip of paper. Then one by one, each person picks a slip of paper and reads – or tries to read – the statement with a straight face. No giggling. Not a hint of a smile or grin. Not even a cough to stall. If the player can’t keep a straight face, they must drink a shot.

Thumper Drinking Game

Thumper is another of our drinking games with shots for those who favor the dramatic, but it’s a good memory game as well. Of course, as the night goes on, everyone’s memory will be tested and that’s when the fun really begins. To start, each player picks a gesture to represent themselves. Think Superman pose or world’s smallest violin. There are two ways to play this drinking game. The first player gives their personal gesture, then signals another player by using their gesture. The next person does the same – gives their gesture, then signals the next person. So on, and so on. If anyone hesitates or uses the wrong signal, they must drink. In the alternative, instead of using a person’s name throughout the night, everyone must use the other person’s personal gesture. Anyone who forgets, drinks a shot.

Drunken Artists Drinking Game

If you’re looking for something a little different and want a twist on the usual, play Drunken Artists is the game for you. One person keeps time while a second person plays the artist. The timekeeper whispers a word to the artist who must draw it for the crowd. Once the crowd guesses correctly, the artist must take one shot for every 20 seconds that has passed. If the drawing is so bad no one can figure it out, the artist takes a shot anyway. Just because.

Attached Drinking Game

Most drinking games with shots can help bring friends together over a few laughs. Attached is one of the drinking games with shots, however, that can really make your party guests connected on a new level. Write down various body parts on pieces of paper, then pair everyone up. Each pair picks a slip of paper and then must spend the allotted time attached at the specific body part. Whenever they separate, the pair takes a shot.

Medusa Drinking Game

Last on our list of drinking games with shots, Medusa, can work with either a small or large crowd. Put a bunch of shots on a table and have everyone take a seat. Play begins and everyone puts their head down on the table, then on the count of three, everyone looks up directly at one other person. If you find yourself looking at someone NOT looking back at you, you’re safe. But if you’re looking into another player’s eyes, you shout “Medusa!” and both of you take a shot.

Drinking Games with Shots

I hope the above suggestions help to get things going in the right direction. For more drinking game ideas check out our selection of two person drinking games. If you have any insanely fun drinking games of your own please share them in the comments below. As always, know your limits and drink responsibly. Take care of yourself. Take care of your friends.