Best Cheap Beers in Canada

best cheap beers in Canada

Choosing the best cheap beers in Canada is like picking favorites among your offspring. It is not to be attempted by the faint of heart. The hardest part of having a killer night is making sure the right taste is keeping you in a proper mood and I’m proud to contribute my top 10 picks.

The Pre Drink

Bud Light Platinum: As far as Pre Drinks are concerned, I think the two most important aspects are having an initial good time before the bar and secondly, establishing a killer buzz to last you that long cab ride and line. Platinum is second to none in the buzz category. It’s a great value for your pre drink. I haven’t even mentioned how it actually has a killer taste. Goes down smooth and before you know it you’re at the bar with a lot more confidence than you expected.

Runner Up – James Ready: At 5.5 percent I do not blame those who avoid this brew, it is particularly strong but if you manage to guzzle down even 4 you’ll know it was well worth it. This buzz will come fast and strong and unfortunately will lead to bad decisions but sometimes that’s what a night on the town is all about.

Beer-League Approved

Canadian/Budweiser: These are your standard staples in the best cheap beers category. I’ve partaken in softball, hockey, volleyball, curling, with men all past our prime, and all having fun after a few tall cans of Canadian. At 5.0 and on the cheaper side of wall-street, it is not a bad way to go. I have never seen a beer league team be upset when the captain brings a 24 of Canadian or Budweiser. A beer that brings a smile to so many deserves its spot amongst selection of the top ten best cheap beers.

Runner up – Molson: Nothing wrong with Molson beer at all, in fact some may prefer it for a regular night on the town. Surely recommended for barbeques but I find it a little to heavy for active sports. Stick to the calm vibes and Molson will bring you the fun time you were hoping for.

Buzz Without The Bloat

Bud Light and Bud Light Lime/ Busch Light: We are talking light beers on this one and there is a three-way tie in this category. Everyone gets a little older and everyone is not the same drinker they once were. It’s one of the saddest days to realize you may ACTUALLY prefer a nice light 6 pack for a good price than crush a 24 of your favourite brew. Bud Light lime is a sure fire hit for those who have never tried it, great cheap beer for drinking games, goes down extra smooth. I will give the same credit to both Bud light and Busch light but they do give off the same familiar beer taste.

Runner up – Corona Light: When it comes to best cheap beers, Corona Light is a solid contender. The smooth taste is well worth the few extra dollars.

Money Buys Happiness

Heineken/ Corona Extra: If you’re willing to shell out the dollars for whatever occasion is present, then you should be looking towards Heineken and Corona Extra. These two are at the top of the class for best overall beer cause of their taste, buzz and fun factor.

Runner Up – Alexander Keiths: This is my personal favourite because of its great flavour and branding. It may not be the cheapest, but the great taste is well worth the few extra bucks.

Best Cheap Beers in Canada

Choosing the best cheap beers is not easy. Here’s my attempt at the impossible:

10. James Ready
9. Canadian and Budweiser
8. Alexander Keiths
7. Busch Light
6. Corona Light
5. Molson
4. Corona Extra
3. Bud Light Lime
2. Heineken
1. Bud Light Platinum

best cheap beers - bud light platinum

Bud Light Platinum comes out on top in just about every category you can think of. It’s an undisputed champ among the best cheap beers in Canada.

Did I miss a beer? A category? Hate my existence?? Let me know in the comments below.