Kings Cup Rules – Most Popular Version

Kings Cup Rules - Official

Kings Cup rules drinking games, pun intended. It is simple to play, requires no special equipment, and offers a great way to get to know your fellow barsity athletes. It can be enjoyed with as few as a couple of players or, as many as you can handle so no one gets left out. It’s a great drinking game to get the party off to a roaring start. Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed.

Kings Cup rules are simple and are easy to follow. Cards are shuffled and arranged, face down, in a circle surrounding the Kings Cup. Players sit in a circle surrounding the cards with their own drink of choice. Each player takes a turn drawing a card and carries out the action assigned to that card. The game ends when the last King is drawn and the King’s Cup is demolished by the lucky, or unlucky depending on the contents of the cup, player who drew the last King . It doesn’t get simpler than that!

Card Assignment

Kings Cup rules are easy to memorize or customize to your party. The following summary of different actions assigned to each card are based on the most popular version of the game. You can also download a Free Kings Cup Rules Cheat Sheet (PDF) to aid you on game day.

Kings Cup Rules - Ace
Waterfall: Everybody drinks. No one can stop until you do.
Kings Cup Rules - 2
Give 2: Assign one drink to two people or two drinks to one person.
Kings Cup Rules - 3
Take 3: You take 3 drinks.
Kings Cup Rules - 4
Give & Take: Assign two drinks, and drink twice.
Kings Cup Rules - 5
Rule: Set a rule to be followed. Anyone caught breaking the rule drinks.
Kings Cup Rules - 6
Thumbs: Place your thumb on the table. Last person to place their thumb on the table drinks.
Kings Cup Rules - 7
Hands Up: Raise your hand. Last person to raise their hand drinks.
Kings Cup Rules - 8
Mate: Choose your drinking mate. They drink when you drink for the rest of the game.
Kings Cup Rules - 9
Rhyme Time: Choose a word. Next person has to say a word that rhymes. First one to mess up or pause drinks.
Kings Cup Rules - 10
Category: Choose a category. Next person has to name an item from that category. First one to mess up or pause drinks.
Kings Cup Rules - Jack
Guys Drink: All the guys must take a drink.
Kings Cup Rules - Queen
Girls Drink: All the girls must take a drink.
Kings Cup Rules - King
King’s Cup: Pour some of your drink into the King’s Cup. The person to draw the last King must drink from the King’s Cup and the game ends.

Kings Cup Rules and Variations

There are many variations of kings cup rules. Some are more difficult that others and you’re always free to come up with your own. Introducing a truth or dare component to the game is an easy way to boost the fun factor. Get as creative as you want or stick to the classic rule book. It is really up to you. Remembering all of the actions assigned to each card can be tricky, especially as you get tipsy, so the following cheat sheet may come in handy. Download Free Kings Cup Rules Cheat Sheet (PDF) in case you missed it. It may come in handy.

King's Cup Rules Infographic

Check out the following video for a quick summary of the Kings Cup Rules. You can also check out other drinking games and drinking games with shots for more ideas.

Drink Responsibly

Drinking games are not for everyone. Know your limits and stay within them. If you’re hosting a party, that responsibility also extends to your guests as well.